Google Webmaster Rules

Google Webmaster headlines; Ranking Factors; Penalties For Unnatural Footprints

As stated before, Google and other search engines have rules and guidelines they want webmasters to follow. In order to get your site onto a search engine, you don’t have to pay or submit your website to the search engines, all you have to know are their rules, most importantly Google’s rules. There are a lot of rules, that change often. Google is currently cracking down on ‘low-quality’ techniques that influence their ranking.


Click”” here for the webmaster guidelines given by Google. They are pretty basic, and mainly common sense, but follow them and you will get a better search engine ranking. These rules and guidelines can be used for any web search engines.

Unnatural Footprint Penalties

Be aware, what may be improving your rankings, can also get you penalized faster and more noticeably.

For example, if the Google spam team detects a site relying on “” unnatural links and other manipulative tactics, they are handing out severe penalties once detected. They also look out for keyword stuffing and boilerplate spun text across web pages, so be careful. They are also making sure that it takes longer to see the results of black AND white hat SEO. So, hackers of all shades, beware.

Domain Authority

It’s All About Domain Authority 

Domain is an important ranking factor. The sites that have ranked in domain authority are usually popular and trusted. These sites have a lot of links to them, which is why linking is so important and popular. Although, just because a site has a lot of links, it doesn’t mean they are credible links. If they aren’t credible links, that means it’s a fake site.

In the past, a lot of domain authority, and ranking trust was only given to sites that gained a lot of links from credible sources, and other online business authorities.