Non-Technical SEO Strategies

There are more basic, and nontechnical SEO strategies to get your site good rankings. The best thing you can do is use common sense. If it doesn’t feel right or organic to be placing keywords as many times as you have, don’t do it. If you feel like you are doing something wrong, then it is probably wrong. Make sure you are writing for humans, not just the search engines. At the end of the day, search engines won’t be visiting your website, humans will. Make search engines trust your site, and once trust is achieved don’t deceive the search engines! Let yourself write content naturally and the keywords will just flow naturally.


Linking & Social media

What is linking?

Linking is when another web page or blog puts a link to your website on their website. It is very powerful and search engines rely on it a lot now. Just make sure these links are credible links, if you don’t have credible links linking your site, search engines may see that as a red flag.

Using Social Media

Like linking, social media is a powerful tool. It is actually where most linking happens. My prime example is Pinterest. Getting a credible ‘pin’ on Pinterest can be a gold mine for getting trust. The more people that pin your site, the more traffic to your site will be generated.

Making your website content for humans and not search engines enough are the main way to get links and more traffic on your site. If someone stumbles upon your site and it is just a mess and they cannot find what they are looking for, you could lose a lot of potential traffic in the future.

SEO Tools & Services

A webmaster can utilize many tools and services to make SEO much easier for them. You don’t have to use them, but they will definitely cut your time in half. Some are free, but some you have to pay for. They will also help you get a better understanding of SEO. Here are just some I’ve listed for you to look at:


  • Keyword Research Tools, Click here for a list
  • Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool
  • Converting word Documents To Clean HTML
  • CopyScope
  • Xenu’s Link Sleuth
  • Robots.txt Generator
  • Robots.txt Checker
  • URL Valet
  • Google Snippet Preview



There are many services you can use that will help you with all your SEO needs!

Let’s Do A Brief Recap, Shall We?

If you get anything at all from this article, I hope the one thing you get from it is, the most important thing you can do is, making your site content human-friendly. You want users to come back and link your site if you want a trustworthy website. Follow the rules and guidelines, and you’ll never be filtered or penalized. At the end of the day, be smart about the content of your website and make sure your keywords are spread around your website. And, with that being said, I hope this helps you understanding the big bad world of SEO a little better.

Still Stuck And Need A Little Help? The Best SEO Communities Are Here To Help!

I understand SEO can be confusing and frustrating. There are plenty of other websites that can help you out! There are SEO communities that you can look into and reference. Get to know some people who are knowledgeable in SEO that can help your site gain a good ranking on search engines. “”. Here is a list of some of the best SEO communities if you still need more information!